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Social Media

It’s hard to say where social media ends and where content marketing and media relations begin. And that’s because they are all three inextricably linked. Thankfully organisations are starting to wake up to the need to take social media seriously and bring it into the mainstream of their communications strategy.

Best Placed for Social

Our pedigree in PR means puts us in a good position to be an effective social media partner. Like PR, social media is not a one way street. It’s a conversation, a dialogue. For social media to be an effective business tool it has to drive engagement not just “follows”, “likes” and “re-tweets”. Social media can have a massive impact on corporate reputation and looking after reputations is our business.

Mix and Match

Often organisations will have an internal social media team in place, in which case we can add value by integrating their work with our media relations and content marketing programmes. We can also provide an outsourced social media function, making full use of all the relevant platforms from Linkedin and Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest.

Content Planning

We can help both develop and implement a social media content plan, taking care that it fits with core communications objectives and that there is enough variety of content types and subject matter to keep your networks engaged. An external partner can be useful in not only creating the content plan but also to monitor progress and make sure you keep things on track.

Managing Engagement

Where we act as outsourced social media managers we create a virtual social media team creating content, sharing curated content (typically from industry experts) and engaging with contacts through surveys, competitions and offers. With clients in the consumer tech space we can act as a front line source of product information and deal with common customer support problems.