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Media Relations

Most people, when they mention PR or Public Relations, actually mean “media relations.” When we talk about media relations we mean getting you coverage in the publications (online and offline) that can have a positive impact on your business. Let’s be clear. We don’t mean advertorials or sponsored articles, we mean editorial…the stuff people read in order to help them decide what to buy, who to partner with, who to invest in or who to work for.

Third Party Credibility

The key difference here is that editorial coverage carries great authority because it has been filtered through the objective lens of a journalist. Before an editor believes your claims he or she will look for evidence, facts, figures, third party endorsement from users and customers. The result of all this is not just publicity; it’s credibility.

Media Relations is Good for SEO

With the advent of digital content and social media you could imagine that media relations was less important than in the past, yet most experts agree that if anything its role has been enhanced by the changes to online search algorithms. Google and the like place an increasing value on authoritative content so if you want to improve your SEO spend some time working on your MR!

Thought Leadership

Much of the work we do for client in the tech space revolves around positioning the client’s senior people as “thought leaders.” That means we get to understand where your specific area of expertise and knowledge lies then find opportunities to match that with the media’s need for insight and comment. We can deliver feature articles that get coverage because they respond to what editors are looking for. Often the process of developing an article will provide material for the content marketing and social media programmes.

Working with the Media

The media are not there to publicise your business. They serve their readers. Our goal is to help you overcome this apparent contradiction.  In order to do this we need to give the media what they want in a form that they can use.  That means access to research, senior executives and customers. Above all it means being visible to the media but not in their face. Then, when you have strong story or angle they are more likely to use it.  As media relations professionals we understand what makes news and how to give you the best chance of a sustained media profile.

Telling Your Story

There is much hype about story telling. We don’t operate in the land of the brothers Grimm, we tell your story in a clear compelling and convincing way. That means we work hard to understand your market and your unique proposition. Most important of all we seek out the real story that will keep readers engaged, not the corporate fluff that just turns readers and journalists off. Our writing style is clear, factual and evidence based, because that’s what the press and readers want. And ultimately that’s what will get your message across.