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IT & Telecoms PR

Context began life as a technology public relations company and this sector continues to be our key strength. Over the last 20 years we have seen some seismic changes in the IT and telecoms sectors and we have kept pace with developments not only in our clients’ specialist areas but in the changing needs of the media.

By investing in constantly updating our knowledge and building media contacts we can deliver high value results such as thought leadership, case studies or exclusive research-based articles rather than the ‘news in brief’ that comes from a one dimensional ‘press release’ approach.

In-depth Knowledge

With a sound understanding of the issues and trends in technology we can get up to speed fast and avoid the common frustrations of working with generalist agencies. You won’t need to brief us twice and we won’t ask you to write anything for us; that’s our job.

Working with our partners in the digital marketing space, we also have a proven track record in creating white papers and case studies that can drive email based lead generation campaigns.

Experience Counts

Context Public Relations have handled PR for over 100 high technology companies and brands. Our success is built on a no-nonsense approach based on strong digital PR, product and market knowledge, uncompromising copy and an understanding of what the media wants, built up over many years. As a result, our clients trust us to represent their products, brands and people.