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Corporate Communications

Whether you are preparing for an IPO, an MBO, looking to attract outside investment, head off a crisis or just generally raise your game as an organisation it is often useful to get an objective external view on how you appear to the world. Our role in this respect goes far beyond media relations as we help organisations define what they stand for and how best to communicate that within the organisation and to the outside world.


As organisations evolve they can often lose sight of what makes them unique, what gives them a clear source of differentiation and competitive advantage. We help companies define a distinct position in the market place that then feeds into all the various forms of marketing communication. Often this will reflect technological advances but equally it could be a matter of scale, breadth of capabilities or a particular service culture that sets them apart.

Internal Communications

Once an organisation understands its position we help them make sure that their greatest ambassadors i.e. their own workforce is both aware of the various propositions to market and that they in turn become advocates in all their dealings with customers and partners. This may sound simple but try asking ten colleagues to summarise your company’s customer promise in a few sentences and you will get a wide variety of answers.

Consistent Communications

When you have a clearly defined position and a set of go to market propositions this needs to be driven through all forms of communication from website to media relations and social media from advertising to sales presentations and case studies. We have helped organisations drive through this change through different operating companies across different territories. Often the external support here is essential in order to make things happen in a short time frame, as is the case when looking for investment or when going for rapid growth.

Crisis? What Crisis?

Because we employ highly experienced consultants with experience of working for large technology organisations we can be on hand when things go wrong. And at some point in any business things go wrong. By working with Context as a long term partner we get to understand your business and are in a position to give practical stakeholder communications advice when a crisis occurs.