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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Whether it’s a new case study that you need to refresh your sales deck, a white paper that establishes your authority in a sector, a video interview that shows your understanding of a customer problem or a Linkedin poll that engages with your target market; you need original, high quality, relevant content.

Content is the New SEO

Your page ranking on Google and other search engines relies increasingly on having strong digital content.  With the introduction of paywalls by many media owners there is a great opportunity to be a source of valuable content which will attract backlinks and traffic to your site

Social Sharing

Whether you are appealing to consumers via Facebook and Pinterest or to business audiences via Linkedin and Twitter there will always be an insatiable appetite for content.  There are only so many pictures of cats you can post without losing your audience so there has to be a commitment to delivering the sort of content that people find interesting and encourages engagement with you and your brand.

Balanced Content

Sharing content from experts in your sector can help your brand but only if you make the effort to add relevance and context for your audience and so long as shared or “curated” content is balanced with enough original material.  Getting the balance right also applies to format: the right mix of image and text, the right balance of  company content against industry insight, opportunities for interaction (surveys, quizzes, competitions etc) and the right mix of images, video, text all add to your chances of content marketing success.