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Consumer Technology PR

Review Management

The consumer marketplace for tech products is incredibly busy and noisy so we need to help our clients rise above the noise and help consumers make an informed choice. One way to achieve this is by gaining favourable reviews in home technology publications and this is always the bedrock of a consumer technology PR programme. By getting the product into the hands of a number of highly influential staff journalists and freelance writers we can help consumers sift out which products fit their needs and have been validated by experts in the sector. Our review management process means that journalists have access to all information they need to write a fair review and that the reviews are published in time for the product launch.

Tracking Trends

By tracking trends in the sector we can make sure that your products get a fair slice of the media cake in both specialist and general consumer press such as the technology sections of the national newspapers. We are also proactive in pitching feature ideas to generalist media by making your products relevant to their readership hence Ideal Home magazine might run a feature on home networking or media streaming or a travel magazine might feature popular mobile apps for holiday makers.

Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in and consumer technology campaigns. Our involvement here might go from making sure that Facebook fans are aware of the latest five star reviews or new product enhancements to running an integrated PR and social media programme.