Should we hold off any PR until the summer’s over? | Context Public Relations Should we hold off any PR until the summer’s over? | Context Public Relations
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18 Jul

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Should we hold off any PR until the summer’s over?

July 18, 2017 | By | No Comments

Over the last few weeks a number of clients have put any major announcements on hold until the end of August when “everyone is back in work mode.” This may have made some sense in the days of print only media but for today’s technology PR people the quiet season no longer really exists.

School may be out but the media aren’t

B2B tech and national media continue to publish 24/7 throughout the summer and are always on the lookout for news, interviews, comment, thought leadership and case studies. School’s out does not mean that the media are out for the summer. What’s more, this may be an opportunity for savvy technology marketing people who can take advantage of others who take their foot off the gas in July/August.

Who takes more than two weeks off?

Some would argue that, even if we do generate coverage, all the customers are on holiday so nobody will read our article or see our video. Here’s the news: hardly anyone takes more than two weeks off at a time. Even with the recent trend to unlimited holidays there is evidence that people still do not take inordinate amounts of time off in the summer. Evernote CEO Phil Libin introduced the unlimited holiday policy at his note taking start-up and proceeded to take precisely zero days’ holiday in an entire year, according to an article in the Guardian.

Google doesn’t go on holiday

Also, the coverage you generate over the “grandes vacances” will still be around online when the leaves are changing colour and indeed for several seasons to come. Google doesn’t go on holiday so customer searches will still come up with your stories, if they are relevant, for as long as the media site is live. What’s more, any slacking off on content and coverage over the summer will have a negative impact on your site’s domain authority and subsequent position on search.

Use the summer wisely

If you don’t buy these arguments, at least you can use the summer to generate ideas and content that will keep your profile high in the autumn/winter selling season. Leave it til September and you’ll have missed most of the features you really need to be in. The same goes for press interviews. Journalists are still around in August and this may be a fruitful time for one to ones as there is less competition for their ears.

Consumer silly season

And, if you are marketing a consumer tech product, you may find that although there is no longer a quiet season there is still a silly season in the tabloid media and this may be the perfect time to announce the results of your consumer survey like the excellent piece by Purple who claimed that customers had agreed to clean the toilets in return for free WiFi!


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