Why it pays to share good coverage on social media | Context Public Relations Why it pays to share good coverage on social media | Context Public Relations
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14 Nov

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Why it pays to share good coverage on social media

November 14, 2017 | By | No Comments

Positive press coverage demonstrates your success, expertise and credentials to customers, investors and other potential stakeholders. However, the rate at which news is generated online means your story could be pushed from the front page within the first twelve hours, without being seen by the people that matter to you most.

There are steps you can take to maximise exposure for your coverage. You could send an e-shot to customers or add a link on your company website but one of the quickest and most effective tools is your social media network; a collection of individuals made up of immediate contacts – customers, colleagues, employees or investors – and second-degree connections that could include prospective new business contacts.

Amplify your good news

People are more trusting of news that has been covered by traditional media because it validates the story via the third party input of the journalist. Social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn are the fastest means of sharing recent press coverage and provide another opportunity to reach your target audience. This is especially the case with vertical media that contacts outside that sector are unlikely to see, unless you put it on a plate for them.  By using the right hashtags and tagging relevant accounts you could reach a whole new group of interested readers.

Get in front of key stakeholders

If your business is attracting positive media attention, particularly national coverage, sharing it on social media will help you to build a reputation as a trusted and valuable business. A lot of industry leaders and key stakeholders will also be active influencers on social media so if your story is able to cut through the noise then you’re in a good position. It may also lead to future media opportunities if you’re seen as a notable industry expert.

New business and sales generation

The majority of businesses and key decision makers are on a social media platform of some kind. There are millions of users on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, which makes it easy to turn good content into sales leads.

Companies and customers will often communicate via social media because it’s a quicker way of exchanging messages. Good content will help bring in new business, but sharing it on social media will give it an added boost.

Digital impact

Social media is an organic, inbound strategy that naturally attracts visitors. It relies on high quality content and a strong brand presence so the efforts you spend on it could increase your search rankings. Treat it as part of your overall digital campaign and introduce key social media practices for example adding external inbound links, optimising your posts and encouraging social sharing.

Encourage sharing in-house

Good outcomes are often the result of the entire business so it’s important to encourage all members to share press coverage on their own professional social media network. Every person reached is another potential business lead.


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