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09 Jan

Five PR Predictions for 2018

January 9, 2018 | By |

Last year was unsettling for businesses as they attempted to adapt to economic, social and political uncertainties; from Brexit through to fake news. 2018 isn’t likely to bring any more certainty either, especially for those in the media landscape.

So what does the year ahead hold for PR? Here are our predictions of what’s to come over the next twelve months:

1. Quality editorial will assume even greater importance

Well researched authentic and original editorial in core technology and national press will be even more highly valued as people react to the fake news phenomenon of 2017. PR agencies will need to work harder to secure editorial coverage that their clients’ customers read and trust. As well as building credibility, editorial has a powerful digital impact in terms of improving organic search and driving quality traffic towards your website.

2. Business leaders will become social influencers

Social media in business is becoming increasingly personal, and CEOs will start to embrace it rather than leaving it to the marketing teams. Only the CEO can truly speak on behalf of the organisation and engage more effectively with top level influencers. The internal PR team will start to take on a coaching role to ensure the CEO is equipped to enter the fray.

3. Editorial changes and the rise of the freelancer

Early signs suggest editorial teams will continue to shrink in 2018, which will see publications increasingly rely on their network of freelancers and contributed content to fill the void. As such, it will be critical to maintain excellent relationships with key freelance journalists and continue to provide material that fits the brief for specific outlets.

4. Joining the exclusive content club

As a result of shrinking editorial teams, the need for high quality, relevant exclusive content will increase. The knock on effect of this will be that to get a good breadth of coverage, tech companies will need to generate more content than ever before.

5. Data-driven coverage

The importance of analytics in journalism is increasing. It’s no longer enough to write an interesting piece of content; it now needs to stand up to strict scrutiny from SEO bots and website analytics tools if you want to make it on to the front page. It’s something the industry will be increasingly mindful of when writing and publishing material and something PR teams must understand when advising clients on what works for the media.

The media landscape rarely does stability and continuity, but recent years have seen the pace of change increase rapidly. And while there’s no shortage of doom and gloom for those that look for it, 2018 has the potential to be the year in which quality, relevant editorial fights back. As media consumers search for reliable information from trusted sources, the media themselves will be hungrier for authoritative content and voices. All of which makes PR more relevant than ever.